✧・゚: *✧・゚:* about me!


name: orion

age: adult

gender: agender

sexuality: aromantic asexual

zodiac: leo

mbti: intp-t

enneagram: 5w4

other stuff

i have cats!

the siamese one is waffles, and the orange one is sage :3

mission statement

Twitter had gone downhill for me long before the muskrat got his hands on it, when they stripped away the few personalization options they had and deigned give them back to you -- for a price of course. DeviantART abandoned their functioning, quirky design to be a half-done, glitchy ArtStation clone, and even paid users saw all their customizations trashed in a single rancid update. And while Tumblr technically still lets you customize the desktop view of your blog, @staff has slowly started de-emphasizing it, to the point new users aren't even aware of the options right under their nose.

The death knell of individualism has been ringing for a while now, and the hobbyist artist space social media in general is a rapidly shrinking iceberg, with wannabe upstart platforms either fizzling out or imploding in a blaze of drama. So I made a space that's at least somewhat insulated from that bullshit. And, like, it's cool that there's not a perpetual axe over my head ready to swing if I decided to draw a bare boobie over here.


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