✧・゚: *✧・゚:* hello, digital denizens...

...and welcome to my slice of the world wide web ~ !☆

the name's orion, and you've just stumbled upon my virtual atelier! things around here are barebones for now, but i intend for this to be a hub for some of my creative endeavors, as well as to house the computerized curios i've begun to collect.

won't you join this queer constellation on their journey ~ ?


14 may 2024: switched to a new guestbook service since the old one is shutting down (-_- ;) check it out!

08 march 2024: happy (late) birthday to the site! 🥳

14 january 2024:

  • three new pieces in the gallery~!
  • colored! scrollbars!! on!!! firefox!!!! i had to use a hacky method but i finally got them to work!!!!! hard refresh or clear your cache!!!!!! i wrote a blog post on how i got 'em!!!!!!!

12 january 2024: holy shit updates —

  • made new sections of the gallery and journal for the new year!
  • and speaking of the gallery, uploaded some stragglers from last year as well~
  • general housecleaning and upkeep, especially in the gallery. please excuse any mess you see ^_^

29 october 2023: updates~

  • some small cosmetic tweaks here and there :3
  • five new pieces have been added to the gallery!

11 september 2023: three new pieces have been added to the gallery!

09 august 2023: made myself a webgarden :3 go to the webgardens page to check it out and take a look at others' webgardens!

08 august 2023: new favicon! hard refresh / clear your cache if you can't see it. a bigger version of it has been added to the gallery, too!

02 august 2023: some updates!

  • all four of this year's artfight pieces are up!
  • found a neko that'll properly follow the cursor :3

22 june 2023: added a blog??? let's see how this goes...

11 june 2023: you know how most people make to-do lists? this site now has a wanna-do list. it's right next to this update box, in fact.

27 may 2023: took all the sidebars off the site. everything's a little less cluttered now!

18 may 2023: buttons for the site are up! swing by the links page to grab one :3 also, some of the text is... wiggling???

08 may 2023: okay so no banners or headers yet, but!

  • overhauled the gallery!
  • added a shrine page! there's only one shrine up atm, and it's a wip, so watch your step!
  • general sprucing up of the site's backend ^_^

17 march 2023: library page is up! now it's time to draw some banners and headers and everything will be all set over here 👍🏾✨️

10 march 2023: got the about, gallery, journal, and guestbook set up! now to pretty up the links page and decide on having a library page or not...

5 march 2023: huh, that was quick. got the layout and colors to something i can be happy with. next is drawing one or two things and setting up some pages (maybe a splashpage and the gallery first?)

4 march 2023: the site has been made! i know the profile is gonna say 2018 or some shit but shhhhhh it was made today

wanna do


  • the noah's heart shrine


  • the fucking banners!!!!
  • holy shit i need to draw more stuff to put in the gallery
    • artfight's a perfect time for that...
    • maybe drop some sketches in there too idk
    • you know what??? overhaul the gallery in its entirety! steal the isotope code from the oc site for it
  • what do i do with the library
    • now that i think about it, i don't write enough non-OC stuff to give it its own page...
    • maybe just write more non-OC stuff lol


  • an inspirations shrine
  • a now page
  • a flight rising page / shrine? focused around the lore of my lair